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Last week I had a closing and Gave my Clients the Bread knife in a gift basket. The Neighbors came over and asked where they got it. Michelle the buyer said from her agent. The Neighbors could not believe they got such a nice gift as they did not get anything from their agent. You products really made me look like an Awesome Realtor. Thank you so much. In the passed I would have done a gift card but that gets used and forgotten about. It would have been in a Card and the Neighbors never would have known or seen it. The Cutco team has been amazing to work with and even helped me find a gift to give for Buyers who refer their friends and family. Would and have recommend to other Realtors. My husband bought me a set for my Birthday and we love it. I just ordered table knifes for my family as gifts.

Brenda Fouts West USA Realty

I am so thrilled giving out CUTCO knives to my clients, and the reactions I’ve received have been awesome! I’m so impressed with my clients delight, I shared this with a co-worker and she now also gives out CUTCO knives as a closing gift. The best part is my name and number are always in front of my clients, whereas a typical Home Depot gift card is used and forgotten. I’ve personally had a set of knives since 1995 and I love them as much today as I did then. The script that was provided to me upon receipt of the knives is great, I’ve customized it to work with each client as I present them with the gift. Thanks Jenni for such a great closing gift idea!

Julie Moyemont Realty One Group

Using Cutco as a closing gift if the best idea I have pursued. My clients love the knives and use them often and while they do my name and number is in front of them. Jenny's service is excellent and the product is the best. I love that because they are branded to me I get a FULL TAX WRITE OFF! Ya can't beat that!

Leslie Hammond Keller Williams Legacy One



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